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Where was the idea born?

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My mother

My kids

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Sparkles3 was born from my need to help those who I love.
I am my mother's caregiver, who is in an EHPAD with fragile mental health. I am not ashamed to talk about it: mental health is still a taboo topic and it is urgent on the contrary to talk about it to better take care of those who suffer from it, and also to support caregivers.
Of course, I can't cure her, I'm not a doctor. But there is one question I'm trying to find answers to: “How can I help her to have a little more joy each day so that she enjoys her days better? ».
My son Viktor was born ten years ago, and my daughter Mariana seven years ago. The world they will know as adults will probably be much more complicated than ours. Since they were born a question has obsessed me: "What do I need to pass on to my children so that they will be safe, healthy, and happy tomorrow?».

These questions lead to others.
I started 5 years ago to do research in scientific publications, on what makes us feel good, the bibliography as it is called. I started reading many books on the subject. And I discovered a lot of fascinating studies, especially on the impact of screens and social networks, two ubiquitous components of our modern life.

Current social networks are designed with cognitive neuroscientists to keep us in front of the screen for as long as possible, whether it does you good or not. Thrs are "time thieves". TikTok is the best example of this by chaining videos of a few seconds to steal your attention as much as possible. 

They are also designed to create an addiction, like a drug, in particular thanks to content with variable value that seems random and reward systems to condition our brains to always want more.
More and more studies show that these practices are toxic for our well-being and our mental health.

I needed to react, for my children, my loved ones, as well as all those who are not lucky enough to have received an education allowing them to take the necessary step back.
This reaction is Sparkles3, the first social network designed on scientific bases to do good to its users and allow them to maintain their good mental health.

Pit- Founder ​de Sparkles3

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