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The team

committed to your well-being

Integrated of altruistic talents who are committed to our culture of change and who wish to contribute to a happier society.

I dream that with Sparkles3 we will have a positive impact on millions of families by allowing them to cultivate their moments of joy and maintain their good mental health. If we manage to do that, I would be happy to have been useful and to have made good use of the chances I have had in my life.

Beyond this ambition, we want to contribute to changing the nature of social networks to make them more virtuous. It is of course a completely crazy adventure to believe that we will succeed against the giants already in place.

All the more reason to try!


Founder of Sparkles3​

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...It is very rewarding to be part of a project like Sparkles3. I'm excited to promote social change and actively work to break down taboo ideas about mental health that keep us from being happier....


Project Manager ​



Architecture & Developments​

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