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The context

The social network was created to address the subjects of mental health and well-being, the third objective of the United Nations 2030 program for sustainable development.

Why mental health? It is scientifically proven that our mental and physical health are directly influenced by our well-being and our mood.

On a daily basis as well as in the difficult moments of our lives, it is vital to seek out what makes us feel good. It is therefore fundamental to understand the importance for our health of the bond that we form with our communities, our friends, our family and our loved ones.

Our purpose is to contribute to a happier society to maintain the good mental health of our users.


This societal project seems all the more vital to us in the current context:


  • We live in an ever-changing world that every day seems stressful and complex to understand: climate change, pandemic, war...

  • Mental health problems increase with age and the global population is aging in unprecedented ways, with one billion more people over the age of 65 by 2050.

  • Addiction to screens and the abuse of digital tools such as social networks as they are today have a negative impact on mental health, and particularly on that of the younger generations.


Good mental health must be explained, nurtured and defended. We are here for that.

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